Boston Celtics: 4 Pistons Cs could target with trade exception

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The Boston Celtics take on a rebuilding Pistons team to ring in the new year, and they should use tonight as a chance to scout players Detroit may trade later on.

Happy new year from Hardwood Houdini to the great fans of the Boston Celtics, and I suppose anyone else that may be reading this blog (I kid, wishing a warm happy new year to all).

2020 objectively sucked for the entire world, but in the turning of the calendar, there is a renewed sense of hope that we can move closer to being able to embrace each other in the ways we have been robbed of since last March.

Ten months into the first global pandemic of most of our lifetimes, we have so much more than when we started. We have NBA games happening, an incredible feat considering some didn’t foresee a return to normalcy even in 2021. To know we were able to crown a 2020 NBA Champion and we are full swing into a new season shows how resilient this nation has been.

With that out of the way, let’s talk Celtics. The Cs are 3-2 in this new season, having won their last two against the Indiana Pacers and Memphis Grizzlies. Their two losses are to Brooklyn and Indiana (who they will face one more time in 2020-21), two playoff teams from a season ago.

Tonight, the Cs get to take their foot off the gas somewhat when they take on a winless Detroit Pistons team whose roster is so poorly built that they are the subject of memes mocking the front office’s inability to create a balanced roster.

I could get into why this team will be rebuilding, but the results will speak for themselves. Instead, the Houdini is going to look to the future, when Detroit is selling pieces off and Danny Ainge is sniffing around the league looking to add players with his $28.5 million traded player exception.

Here are 4 Pistons he can look to add:

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