Boston Celtics: 3 offseason moves fans still want the Cs to make

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Though the 2020 NBA offseason hasn’t gotten off to the start many envisioned, Boston Celtics fans still see some ways in which it could be salvaged.

2020 has been a year of upsets and disappointments. For the Boston Celtics, this trend has seemingly rolled right along into the NBA’s offseason.

Like the turn of the decade, the offseason was filled with untapped promise and potential for the shamrocks.

After making it to within two games of the NBA Finals, Boston looked to be primed for another successful between-season period. Unfortunately, things have not yet played out the way in which many fans had hoped.

From draft night to free agency, many across the Twitterverse have displayed their displeasure with how the Celtics have handled the early stages of the offseason. That said, along with their disdain they have still provided some insight into how they believe things can be salvaged.

Today, we present to you the 3 most often discussed moves Boston Celtics fans would like to see before the start of the 2020-21 season:


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Move fans want Boston Celtics to make No. 1) Sign DeMarcus Cousins

With the recent signing of Tristan Thompson, the possibility of the Boston Celtics landing DeMarcus Cousins this offseason is slim-to-none.

That said, it has been a hot idea for months now across social media platforms and, even with TT now in town, it hasn’t stopped some Cs fans from voicing their interest in this hypothetical scenario.

Though the Houdini doesn’t envision this scenario happening, it’s actually not as far fetched as some may believe it to be.

Let’s say Danny Ainge eventually opts to make a deal sometime in the near future. Let’s say said deal involves the likes of Daniel Theis or Robert Williams III being moved. With that, it would likely add an open spot at the pivot that could use for some filling — assuming they don’t acquire a center in such a trade.

Signing the likes of Cousins to a veteran minimum contract might not be such a bad idea if something like this were to actually happen.

When healthy, “Boogie” is arguably the best center in the entire NBA. During the last season where he came in fully-healthy (2017-18 with the New Orleans Pelicans) the 6-10, 270-pound behemoth put up amazing stat-sheet stuffing averages of 25.2 points, 12.9 rebounds, 5.4 assists, 1.6 steals, and 1.6 blocks per game on 47 percent shooting from the floor and 35 percent shooting from deep.

Even if he turns out to be just half of what he was during his prime, like when he was with the Golden State Warriors back in 2018-19, he still has the ability to put up 15+ points, 8+ boards, and over a block per game while possessing an impressive ability to space the floor.

Again, the idea of the Boston Celtics bringing on DeMarcus Cousins at this point in time is HIGHLY unlikely.

That said, it isn’t as ridiculous of an idea as some people may believe, and it’s still one that piques the intrigue of Cs fans.

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