Boston Celtics: IT shouts out fellow former Cs PG Kyrie Irving

Former Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas shouted out the very man he was traded for in Kyrie Irving on Twitter.

You may have missed it, but on Saturday afternoon former Boston Celtics point guard, Isaiah Thomas, took the high road and praised the very man he was traded for in Kyrie Irving. Of course, both men struggled to stay on the floor in 2019-20, but for drastically different reasons.

Irving could not stay healthy and ended up having a shoulder impingement wipe out his season. Thomas, on the other hand, found some success with the Washington Wizards but was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers and subsequently released.

The 2020-21 outlook looks infinitely brighter for Irving than Thomas. The Brooklyn Nets–the team Irving was actively being recruited to during his final season in Boston–will welcome back Kevin Durant and figures to be one of the east’s biggest risers next season.

Thomas still doesn’t have a team, though he certainly seems open to returning to Beantown…or anywhere else that would have him. Then again, there’s a very real possibility that no one finds him worth the risk and he could go unsigned this November/December when the NBA stages its annual free-agent bonanza. only this time in the winter.

Whatever the case, Thomas made sure to give props to Irving, who directly replaced him when Danny Ainge shipped IT off to Cleveland in the summer of 2017 when a recent clip of the pair’s head-to-head battles popped up on Twitter:

Those were some battles indeed IT. Irving’s Cavaliers were always victorious over the Boston Celtics in the postseason, but Thomas was always a catalyst for the Cs ever being close. While he may just be angling for a backup role on the Nets, the more likely scenario is: real recognize real.