Boston Celtics: Ranking 3 C’s likely departees based on recent rumors

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The Boston Celtics have a few players on their roster that have recently been rumored to potentially be on the move this offseason.

Since the season officially ended for the Boston Celtics a few weeks back, we here at the Houdini have been clamoring about ways in which the team can better position themselves for a run at glory come the 2020-21 campaign.

Starting with the NBA Draft that is currently scheduled for November 18th, Danny Ainge will have the ability to add on 3 first-round talents to their roster for next season. After that, they’ll likely play the free agency game, trying to lure in available players utilizing their veteran’s minimums and MLE’s.

After these two events, the option is of course up to the shamrocks if they wish to go a step further in bolstering their roster by pursuing any number of offseason deals.

However, before they decide on any of these areas, they must address their current roster. By this, we mean, with every new player they decide to bring in, a roster spot must be cleared up for them to take on new talents.

Being that the team only has 3 currently listed free agents in Brad Wanamaker, Tremont Waters, and Tacko Fall, they’ll need to try and figure out how to make room in other ways should they pursue more additions than what only their draft picks will allow.

This could be accomplished in many different ways, such as declining team options, declining player options, and trades.

In regard to players recently rumored to potentially be on the move this offseason to clear up such roster spots, here are the 3 most likely C’s departees:

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