Boston Celtics: 2 free-agents the Cs must AVOID this offseason

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Though we believe the Boston Celtics should pursue a few talented ballers on the open market this offseason there are a few in which we believe they should avoid.

This offseason, the Boston Celtics have their work cut out for them. Despite going to their third Eastern Conference Finals in four seasons, it is apparent that the team needs to improve moving forward to push themselves over the hump and, in turn, thrust them into their first NBA Finals appearance in over a decade.

This feat can be accomplished in many different ways. To many, the simplest route would be to address the team’s needs via the draft, where they currently hold the rights to 3 first-round picks.

One of the most entertaining paths they could take is via the offseason trade route, where we at HH have been finding so much enjoyment in concocting specific trades they could realistically pursue.

The route that finds itself smack dab in the middle of these two other scenarios is by scouring the free agency market to add on already-established players to their core. Unfortunately, due to their current financial commitments, Boston will not have the cap flexibility to pursue the top-billed talents to their core like they have in recent years.

That said, this is not to say they can’t find a few diamonds in the rough by utilizing their veteran’s minimum and Mid-Level Exceptions. When shelling out this offers, Danny Ainge must think logically and pursue players he believes could help this team moving forward.

Of the impending free agents, however, there are a few we believe the organization should try to avoid at all costs.

Read on to see who we believe should not be found on Beantown’s radar:

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