Boston Celtics: 3 high-impact trades involving C’s starters

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The Boston Celtics should strongly consider making some trades this offseason to help strengthen their roster, be it by using role players or starters.

The Boston Celtics are a team on the rise!

After reaching their third Eastern Conference Finals in four seasons the team heads into the 2020 offseason with an unbelievable amount of promise. So much so, in fact, that Vegas has already penciled them in as the fourth most likely winner of the 2021 NBA Finals.

That said, this is not to say that the team doesn’t have their work cut out for them when it comes to improving their roster and, in turn, better positioning themselves for a run at glory next season.

From their center depth to their porous scoring punch off the bench there are many areas in which the shamrocks must address this upcoming offseason if they wish to push themselves to the next level.

These points of emphasis can find resolve in many different ways such as free agency — where they can offer veteran’s minimums and MLEs –, the NBA Draft — where they hold the rights to 3 first-round selections –, and, our personal favorite, through offseason trades.

Often throughout the year we have played the role of General Manager and have concocted many hypothetical deals in an effort to help improve the shamrocks moving forward.

From future first-round picks to primary staples in the C’s rotation we’ve made a deal involving so many of the team’s assets.

Today, however, is a little different as we will be discussing trades to help better the team centered around 3 of Boston’s starters.

So, without further adieu, let’s get started:

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