Boston Celtics: Pros and cons of pursuing Paul George this offseason

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Could the Boston Celtics pursue reviled Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George this offseason? Perhaps the better question is: should they?

This past season, Paul George became a target for media types who aimed to drive a wedge between him and his Los Angeles Clippers teammates. Between reports coming out about his leadership and how other players felt about him, George is seemingly being ostracized by talking heads out of L.A…and it may benefit the Boston Celtics.

Like the Clippers, the Cs failed to make an appearance in the NBA Finals (though they at least made the conference finals) and had plenty of locker room drama in the postseason. Unlike the Clips, Boston has the draft capital to make a dent in the trade market this offseason.

Los Angeles traded away all of their draft capital last summer to make room for…Paul George. Funny how quickly things have gone south for the star in his home state return.

Either way, there could be potential synergies between the Clippers and Celtics this offseason. Neither team can be satisfied with their efforts in their respective elimination rounds, with the Clippers’ egregious collapse up 3-1 ending any chance we see the same team suit up in the Staples Center (or whatever bubble setting needs to be set up) next season.

Boston could use its draft capital and selection of tradeable needle-movers (basically anyone not named Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown) to entice the Clippers with a deal.

But should they? The Houdini takes a look at the pros and cons of a Paul George offseason deal:

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