Boston Celtics: B/R sees Beantown as attractive MLE landing spot

Though the Boston Celtics may be strapped for cash this offseason, they still rank as one of the prime MLE destinations according to Bleacher Report.

Whether you chalk it up to the fact that they are the winningest franchise in league history or that they’re seemingly always intertwined with the best teams the NBA has to offer, I believe we can all agree that when a noteworthy player finds themselves within the rumor mill regarding a potential change of scenery, the Boston Celtics tend to be attached one way or another.

This isn’t bias folks, this is just how it’s been for quite some time now.

Despite their lack of “blockbuster” trades lately, the team has always had their name attached to any conversation involving one of the game’s best players looking for a new home. From Kevin Durant back in 2016 to Anthony Davis during the summer of ’19, examples of such scenarios are practically a dime a dozen.

While they find themselves lacking with financial flexibility this coming offseason, still they are seen as a top-billed landing spot for free agents willing to take the league’s Mid-Level Exception which, frankly, could host a lot of impactful talents in said category.

Don’t just take our word for it however. Instead, see why Bleacher Report recently ranked Beantown just behind the Golden State Warriors as one of the most ideal landing spots for players willing to take the MLE:

As The Athletic’s Jared Weis rhetorically asked, “How could anyone look at what Tatum and Brown did a season ago, compare that with what’s happening now and not expect that growth to continue?”

Led by one of the league’s top coaches in Brad Stevens, equipped with premium young talent and intelligent vets, and overseen by a front office that swings big, the Celtics should attract plenty of interest with their mini MLE. If Boston has a weakness, it’s a playoff rotation that could have used one or two more reliable pieces.

The Celtics have as proud a tradition as any franchise in the league, but they don’t have to market themselves on the past. Their present and future are enticing enough.

We’ve been preaching this sentiment for quite some time now. Constantly we’re finding ourselves pushing the idea of players who, though they may be able to attain more coin elsewhere, could opt to join the Boston Celtics in hopes of winning a championship as soon as 2020-21.

Though the Houdini oft discusses veteran power forward Serge Ibaka as being the most ideal target in hopes of him taking such a deal — **he would be perfect for this team!** –, there are plenty of other candidates worth monitoring, including some who find themselves playing in this year’s NBA Finals.

All in all, despite their lack of cap space, the shamrocks offer quite a lot for a free agent who’s main priority is playing high-end basketball.

If one’s goal is to better position themselves for the Larry O’Brien trophy, it’s hard to find a better fit than with the Cs.