Boston Celtics: 3 teams most likely to trade for the No. 14 pick

Boston Celtics (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /
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The Boston Celtics will be stocked with picks heading into the 2020 NBA Draft. What teams may be eyeing their lone lottery selection in a deal?

With Game 3 looming large tonight for the Boston Celtics, the prospect of going down 0-3 in the Eastern Conference finals to the Miami Heat is a real possibility. In reality, if that were to happen, it’d be natural to start thinking ahead to the offseason.

While the Denver Nuggets have made 3-1 comebacks look commonplace with their first-round comeback against the lower-seeded Utah Jazz followed by their miraculous comeback against the cursed Clippers franchise of Los Angeles in the Western Conference semifinals, no team has overcome the dreaded 0-3 deficit.

The Houdini wouldn’t give up hope. We’d just start easing into the conversation of who could be added to the team in the offseason on a cheap rookie deal for many years. Three draft picks in the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft is something to be happy about…Boston Celtics fans may need that if they cannot snap out of their losing ways tonight.

Anyway, the Celtics have another issue besides being down to Miami right now. This offseason, there will be more incoming draft picks and impending free agents than there will be roster spots. Danny Ainge is going to need to move pieces around in some way shape or form.

Then again, he could also play the draft night game. A national past time, NBA teams have always swapped picks and draft rights on the night of the NBA Draft due to the everchanging nature of the draft board.

Armed with the #14 pick, Boston could look to move the pick to a team looking to replenish picks, or a team that would be interested in trading the Cs a higher pick in exchange for multiple first round selections.

With that in mind, here are 3 teams that could trade for the #14 pick: