Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown’s leadership transcends basketball

The Boston Celtics have a good one on their hands with budding superstar and social justice advocate Jaylen Brown.

With NBA basketball approaching, it’d be easy for players to be consumed by the impending season return. Not Jaylen Brown, though. The Boston Celtics star is making sure his voice his heard…and his voice is one speaking out against oppression and injustice:

“Before I go,” Brown said, “I just want to speak on Breonna Taylor.”

“The problem is not just with the officers, but it’s with what they’ve been told to do,” Brown said. “We understand what the protocol is, but I feel like the protocols need to change and things need to improve. We see improvements being made, but I feel like continuing to have people speak on these things and continuing to have them talk about them is going to be important.”

In addition, Brown tweeted last week: “[Kentucky’s Attorney General] Daniel Cameron has the authority to arrest all participating officers.”

Brown isn’t fooling around. He has been as outspoken as it gets, calling out the Attorney General of Kentucky out by name in an attempt to bring justice to the murder of Breonna Taylor at the hands of the Louisville Police Department.

We at the Houdini have always supported the activism showed by Boston Celtics players. Enes Kanter has spoken out against the Turkish government for the unethical treatment of their people. No matter what the fight is, for the most part, the C’s have always been fighting the good fight.

This is a particularly tender time in the country and the world at large. The Pandemic is raging through the United States still, and the divide between law enforcement and the general public has never been wider.

Brown–like many of his Celtics teammates–is using his platform to promote good in the world. We can only hope his words can push the movement to honor Taylor’s legacy forward.