Boston Celtics: 2 “boom or bust” candidates in the Disney bubble

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The Boston Celtics have high expectations going into the bubble, and their ceiling–and floor–could be determined by these two players.

As we barrel towards the Lake Buena Vista Bubble–with the season now just two weeks away from kicking off for the Boston Celtics–the scuttlebutt out of this unique mini-training camp has been flying out of the woodwork.

There’s been talk of Kemba Walker having problems with his knee, but that has been refuted mostly by Brad Stevens…though he did hint that he’d be taking it slow with his superstar point guard.

Elsewhere, players seem to be adjusting nicely to the bubble life. Jayson Tatum is being shipped goods en masse by sponsors, while Enes Kanter has provided updates on the meals provided on the Walt Disney World Campus.

All in all, it’s been a mixed bag. As the coronavirus continues to ravage the country, the NBA is back as a dopamine high–and has the added bonus of using their platform to spread social awareness to justice issues.

For Boston Celtics, that happiness of seeing the team play games once again (albeit not at the TD Garden) could be accompanied by mild worry. Though the team ranks as a top-five team by most metrics, the possibility of letdown performances under the bubble’s unique circumstance looms large for fanbases of all 22 teams returning to for the season restart.

There are several players who could be “boom or bust” candidates, and here are the Houdini’s two most likely candidates:

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