Boston Celtics: 2 offseason Kemba Walker trades

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The Boston Celtics’ marquee signing of the 2019 offseason could prove to be a depreciating asset as time goes on. Could they trade him this offseason with his value still high?

For Boston Celtics fans, the news that has come out of the NBA’s bubble in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on the campus of Walt Disney World has not been inspiring optimism when it comes to Kemba Walker‘s knees.

After sitting out several games down the stretch of the season before the season was suspended, the prevailing wisdom was that all of the time to heal would be good for Walker and allow him to return to peak condition when the season returns later this month.

Instead, there have been rumblings about Walker needing to take things slow, and potentially even missing games when the seeding schedule kicks off in two weeks and a day.

Brad Stevens has downplayed the issue altogether and has indicated Walker will be good to go on July 31st, if in a somewhat limited capacity from the jump:

We’ve got to make sure he feels as good as possible because the toll, the physical toll of playing these seeding games and the playoffs, especially when you go every other day for the most part, is going to be significant on guys who are playing major minutes, so that’s a huge part of it.”

“Any discomfort early, our training staff put a plan in place, and I’m just following it.” Stevens said. “Whatever’s best for Kemba is obviously best for us.”

Still, it’s concerning to realize that Walker’s knee injury is far worse than it seemed when he was missing time during the early months of this tumultuous 2020. If this didn’t go away after months of rest?


So if Walker’s value is peaking, here are two deals Danny Ainge should run by the general manager on the other end of the phone line:

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