Boston Celtics: No players opt out of Walt Disney World restart

The Boston Celtics will have a roster that is 100 percent intact when the league returns this month at Walt Disney World.

So far, teams have been ravaged by injury, positive Coronavirus tests, and players opting out of the season’s return due to safety concerns. The Boston Celtics are not one of those teams.

In fact, few teams are as well-positioned as the C’s are when the league makes its return to Walt Disney World. No one is opting out of the season’s return, and no players have tested positive for COVID-19. After Danny Ainge preserved his roster from the end of the preseason until March, he kept the same discipline in avoiding tinkering during the team’s transaction window. Obviously, some good luck has been involved in all of this as well.

While the Brooklyn Nets will be without their star-studded free-agent haul of summer 2019 in Kevin Durant (achilles), Kyrie Irving (shoulder) and DeAndre Jordan (Coronavirus), the Washington Wizards may be without their 30 point-per-game scorer in Bradley Beal, and the Indiana Pacers could be without Victor Oladipo, Boston is positioned to have a distinct advantage over two of their regular-season opponents (Brooklyn, Washington) and a potential playoff foe in Indiana.

C’s star Kemba Walker not only comes into the restart fully healthy, but he actually seems ready to embrace the unique circumstances of the season:

Boston is a legitimate threat when the season returns. Chemistry could be at an all-time high considering the team’s unified stance to speak up and speak out during the current civil rights movement. It also helps that Walker and potential second unit glue-guy Grant Williams bonded living together in quarantine.

The C’s kick off the eight seeding games with a battle with the Milwaukee Bucks in just over four weeks. Could that be the start of a 24-game run to banner #18?