Boston Celtics: 2 last-minute potential transaction window targets

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With the NBA’s transaction window set to close at 11:59 P.M. tonight, the Boston Celtics have one last day to mull over these potential signings.

We are one calendar month away from the return of the NBA. More importantly, we’re also one calendar month and a day away from the return of the Boston Celtics, as they face the Milwaukee Bucks on a nationally televised Friday night contest in the Lake Buena Vista Bubble.

Right now, the league is sifting through the loss of several players due to various reasons. Avery Bradley and Wilson Chandler are among those who are choosing to avoid putting their families in harm’s way. Spencer Dinwiddie, meanwhile, has contracted the coronavirus himself and is the first player to announce that he had any symptoms.

Despite the COVID-19 related losses, the league is pushing forward with its return. Billions of dollars of revenue is on the line, and players would suffer by losing out on their paychecks…as well as losing leverage in upcoming CBA negotiations by halting the end of the league’s suspension.

This is all without mentioning the fact that injuries will almost certainly occur with at least mild frequency given the league’s almost four-month hiatus is more time than players are accustomed to having off.

Now, they will jump right into important seeding games and then the postseason in short order. This could mean the use of replacement players, but before that, the C’s could still make moves to tweak their roster before the restart. If the team sees any players opt out, here are two players they should keep in mind:

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