Boston Celtics: 3 players the franchise may give up on

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It’s going to be a very different free agent world after the currently suspended concludes. How will that affect the current Boston Celtics roster?

If you are a 2020 free agent, guess what? Timing is not on your side. The Boston Celtics and the league’s 29 other franchises may face a lowered salary cap and have less money to spend. That could mean teams could find some free agent bargain value players.

The ramifications are even far more reaching, though. The contracts that have been given out in recent years by Danny Ainge to foreign players may be a thing of the past. Instead, more proven commodities could rack up their piece of the pie.

That idea in and of itself, like most offseasons, could force the hands of general managers to create roster spots and depth chart roles by trading away incumbent players. Of course, teams closer to contention will be more likely to trade away what would be considered non-essential deals.

That brings us to–who else–but the Boston Celtics. Before the season was suspended, the C’s were a unified group that survived the trade deadline intact and didn’t make any moves around the fringes on the buyout market.

The season suspension and everything that will come with it could change their tone. Uncertainty usually causes mass change, as the last off-season showed when the dynastic Golden State Warriors disbanded and free agents shuffled around the league.

If the C’s decide to make changes, here are three players the front office may be inclined to give up on…for a variety of reasons:

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