The 2 players the Boston Celtics could consider trading Jaylen Brown for

Boston Celtics (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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As it stands, the Boston Celtics are in a great position now and for the coming years. To truly elevate to contender status, though, the C’s could consider a deal for these two All-Stars using one of their top trade chips.

Being the fifth best team in the league in the NBA puts you in an elite group of contenders that could realistically win the NBA Championship. That said, the difference between the very top of the league and a team like the Boston Celtics–who have noticeable holes in the second unit–could sometimes be vast.

To close the gap, teams in the C’s position have several options. There’s the draft route, which luckily for Boston is a viable one with three upcoming first round picks in their arsenal. Then again, their 2019 draft class has been underwhelming to put it nicely.

The other route is through the trade market. The Celtics possess a smorgasbord of assets ranging from multiple first round picks as previously mentioned, to top line talent on reasonable contracts.

One of those players the C’s could use in a deal with most teams in the league is Jaylen Brown. Now as a disclaimer, the Houdini loves Brown. He has not only elevated his game to become a fringe All-Star averaging 20 points per game on shooting splits of 49/38/74, but he has been an outspoken leader throughout the entire pandemic.

That said, if the right deal came along…it might be worth considering packaging Brown in a deal to better balance out the C’s wing-heavy lineup.

Here are the two players the Boston Celtics could deal for in such a scenario: