Boston Celtics: 3 players C’s should consider on one year deals this offseason

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The Boston Celtics will need to get crafty this offseason when it comes to free agent signings. Should they look for high-impact short-term signings, there are three players they should keep on their radar.

It has been said plenty but remains important to share as the world continues to adjust to this post-Coronavirus and post-NBA season suspension: whenever the season–or if it’s cancelled, the NBA cycle–resumes, and the Boston Celtics can resume their quest for title #18, how is the league going to be?

Surely there will be adverse effects on the league’s salary cap first and foremost. As Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports put it, there will be more of an inclination for teams to consider one-year deals:

And it makes sense. The NBA was already set to lose a bit of money from the controversy in China stemming from a Daryl Morey’s retweet. Now, with the league at the very least set to lose money from a lack of fans in the stands to end the 2019-20 campaign, things could get even tougher for teams that were expecting the cap to eventually rise to $116 million.

With that in mind, the Houdini wants to explore the types of players that could potentially consider a one-year deal this off-season…one that wasn’t a good one to be a free agent in before but definitely isn’t now.

These guys aren’t stars, because the Boston Celtics truthfully don’t need any extra headliner given all of the mouths that currently need to be fed. Instead, you’ll find real value in players that have been cast-off due to a poor fit in a different system (or injuries).

We like to think Brad Stevens could get the best out of the following 3 players the C’s can ink to prove-it short-term deals:

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