Boston Celtics: 3 reasons why the C’s need to trade their picks

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The Boston Celtics will hold the rights to three selections in this year’s draft. As history would suggest, perhaps they would be better off trading away the picks.

Over their past 20 seasons, like their entire 74 year existence, it’s been hard to say the Boston Celtics haven’t been a successful franchise. Sure, they’ve seen some hiccups along the way — winning 25 or less game in 2013-14 & 2006-07 and the whole Kyrie Irving debacle — but for the most part, over the past two decades the franchise has been synonymous with one granular word:  winning.

Since the turn of the century they’ve been to two NBA Finals, won one in 2008, have reached the Eastern Conference Finals six times, have won 45+ games 10 times and have recorded the second most postseason berths in the league.

Yup, for the better part of 20 seasons it’s clear that the C’s have not seen too much struggle… except, however, when it’s come to the NBA Draft.

Under Danny Ainge‘s regime the team has been, overall, lackluster when it comes to selecting rookie talents. His brilliance has translated into 47 total draft rights, but did not manage to translate into much draft success.

Sure he’s brought aboard some talented youngsters thanks in large to the deal that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn — Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown — but, for the most part, the team has proven to be underwhelming on the big night more often than not.

Heading into 2020’s draft Boston will hold the rights to three first round picks — the Memphis Grizzlies’, Milwaukee Bucks’ and their own. If the Houdini were calling the shots, we’d easily consider trading away some of the picks.

Here are three reasons why:

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