Boston Celtics: 3 teams the C’s could engage in trade talks

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Whenever there is a ruling on the rest of the NBA season, what should immediately follow is the Boston Celtics engaging these three teams in trade talks.

The basketball drought continues folks. We’re not there yet in regards to gyms admitting members, restaurants opening their doors or the Boston Celtics taking it to the hardwood.

It’s all a ways away. We should see various fitness centers operational by June and restaurants returning to serve even sooner than that, but the NBA season may be as far away as it has ever been if it is decided that there isn’t a way forward to safely crown an NBA champion this year.

While that realization is downright depressing, the silver lining is that we can see our beloved Shamrocks figure out their roster and gear up towards a title plush that may not have been able to happen had the 2019-20 season continued.

It isn’t known whether the C’s could have pulled off the upset against the Milwaukee Bucks and punched their ticket to the NBA Finals. It’s also unclear if they would have made it that far considering the depth of talent in the Eastern Conference.

The east is no longer the least, but you wouldn’t know it from Danny Ainge‘s inactivity at the trade deadline. While few teams have a better rotation 1-6 than the Celtics, the depth beyond that is shallow.

The trade deadline saw a few teams make lopsided trades to bring in talent. Given Danny Ainge’s history of pulling the trigger on blockbuster deals at the expense of other general managers, his mission should be similar with these 3 teams:

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