Boston Celtics: 3 players who may have played their last game in Beantown

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The fate of the 2019-20 season is up in the air with the NBA suspending all games and shutting down practice facilities. If it is indeed the end, these 3 Boston Celtics have likely played their last game in Beantown.

It shouldn’t end this way. It cannot end this way. But for the Boston Celtics and the league’s 29 other squads, it may just end this way.

The spread of COVID-19 has wiped away the 2020 Olympics and March Madness and it seems possible that it is becoming too difficult logistically to continue the current NBA season.

The ripple effects of the Coronavirus are going to be felt on a league-wide level as it relates to the salary cap and revenue share. Losses will give owners less money to spend, but the losses don’t end there.

Players are likely to lose out on money since every million dollars spent will put every team that much closer to a now-lowered taxpayer line. Teams just spent big money the past few years with the expectation that the salary cap would raise to $125 million in 2021.

With that expectation spoiled by the global pandemic, there will likely be a lot less money doled out this off-season than the last few years. Role players will have a much more difficult road this summer considering the mid-level exception is likely to be less and more teams will qualify for the tax-payer mid-level than the full.

On this Boston Celtics roster, there are some obvious cuts that figure to be made if this is truly the end of the season. With an eye towards the future, Danny Ainge now knows the present could yield positive results.

If it’s over, these role players could be squeezed out of Boston based on the past season:

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