Boston Celtics: 3 draft prospects C’s should consider with their own pick

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In this year’s draft the Boston Celtics will continue their trend with holding the rights to numerous selections, three of which are first rounders. Who might they consider selecting with the own pick?

Though it’s just day 13 without Boston Celtics, or any other NBA basketball, this hiatus has already felt like it’s lasted for an eternity. Sure, League Pass has done the generous deed of waiving their fee of subscription for the time being — where you can watch the three best Celtics games from 2019-20 — but, frankly, it’s just not the same.

We miss our live NBA action.

Unfortunately, however, there is simply nothing we can do about it. According to a bevy of reports, this season’s suspension could potentially last up to any time from May to August, and could even wind up not coming back at all (we seriously hope this isn’t the case). Regardless, no matter what they end up doing, it will undoubtedly be based on whatever is best for the league’s health and overall well being.

Because of this, we can only do what we can: look back at the season that was, and look forward to things that still appear on the horizon, namely free agency (articles to come) and the NBA Draft.

In regard to the order in which these aforementioned events go, as things currently stand the draft is the first domino to fall, so this is what we will be touching base on today.

Heading into this year’s big day, the Boston Celtics hold the rights to three first rounders — the Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks and their own, giving them the 17th, 26th and 30th pick based on the current state of the league’s standings.

We already discussed three players Danny Ainge should consider targeting with Memphis’ pick at 17. Now, we take a look at who the team should have on their radar when the chose with their own pick at 26.

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