COVID-19: 3 Boston Celtics free agents most affected by NBA season suspension

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The Boston Celtics–like many other NBA contenders and lottery hopefuls–have free agent decisions that will be severely affected by the suspension of the season due to COVID-19.

As we continue to live in this basketball-less dystopian viewing existence that the coronavirus has caused, we are finding out about the far-reaching effects from the NBA season suspension. Teams with impending free agents and player options–like the Boston Celtics–will face unique challenges with plunging revenue likely leading to less money to spend towards the salary cap.

With the status of NBA free agency up in the air, the impending free agents face an uncertain future. Some free agents will shape the short-term future and spending power for the C’s. Others may be priced out of Boston due to a likely shrunken salary cap.

The far-reaching effects of the Coronavirus are unknown because we down’t know just how many games will be lost. Will the postseason be affected?

Will there even be a post-season?

Questions are aplenty during these confusing times. Perhaps this is just par for the course for one of the most tragic and unpredictable seasons in memory. Kobe Bryant‘s untimely death–that also included his daughter and seven others–was only a month and a half ago.

Since then, March Madness was cancelled, the start of the MLB season has been delayed, and film festivals and public gatherings across the globe have been wiped from the calendar.

Here are three Boston Celtics that will feel the effects of the COVID-19 induced season suspension:

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