3 Brooklyn Nets targets the Boston Celtics should pursue this summer

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The NBA’s rumor mill recently stated the Brooklyn Nets have made three valuable rotation pieces available this summer. Here’s why the Boston Celtics should pursue all of them in a trade.

Even though the Boston Celtics came away from this year’s trade deadline empty-handed, the team is still in a position to make a deal come draft night. Three first round picks in this upcoming draft and a core that features value among the top eight or so players puts Danny Ainge in the driver’s seat in negotiations.

Of course, Ainge has frequently pulled back the reins on any major deals. Oftentimes, he has felt that the team was better as constructed than what it could have been after the available deals that were on the table. That has led to no notable trade deadline deals since the team acquired Isaiah Thomas in 2015.

That said, the off-season has seen some notable moves in the past few off-seasons. Hell, Kyrie Irving was acquired less than three years ago this August. While Ainge isn’t always active, he has proven to strike when the right player comes along.

Perhaps he can find the next right player in the batch of Brooklyn Nets role players that reportedly just became available this upcoming off-season, per Bleacher Report:

As the Brooklyn Nets continue to wait for Kevin Durant‘s return next season, their roster could look far different in 2020-21.

Per ESPN’s Tim Bontemps, executives from other teams believe the Nets will make Spencer DinwiddieCaris LeVert and Jarrett Allen available in trade talks this summer.

Here’s why the Boston Celtics should make a run at all 3:

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