Boston Celtics: 3 off-season Joel Embiid trade proposals

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The Boston Celtics have long-remained a player in the trade market, and with a weak free agent class in 2020…could they make a splash for potentially the biggest fish on the market?

If things continue to get volatile in Philadelphia, something drastic might happen…such as a trade of either Ben Simmons or–more likely, given his recent clashes with fans–Joel Embiid. If that happens, the Boston Celtics would be beneficiaries no matter what.

But, the ultimate pay-dirt for C’s fans would be landing the All-NBA center in a blockbuster deal. With Embiid posting an Instagram photo with the caption: “”You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”, he hinted he could one day be an NBA villain.

Sure, he followed that up with a post proclaiming his love for Philadelphia, but the writing is on the wall; Embiid is laying the groundwork for an eventual exit if things don’t turn around.

We live in a world where NBA players dictate their playing careers more than ever before. Anthony Davis just brokered his way to the Los Angeles Lakers via his connection to Rich Paul. Embiid could find his way off the 76ers if he so chose to leave the city of brotherly love behind.

Now if you perused the comment section of that IG post, you’d notice an exchange between Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler and Embiid. Talking about a place where “villains are welcome”, the Sixers were publicly undermined by their star center.

If Philadelphia fails to advance past the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs–or worse, bows out in the first round–Embiid may well look for a way out. If the Heat are contenders to land him, so too can the Boston Celtics. Kemba Walker will have valuable time during the All-Star game with him to recruit with the pair suiting up in the starting lineup for team Giannis.

If the chips fall the right way, Boston could find itself in position to land one of the best centers of the last decade. Here are three trade packages the Celtics can dangle in order to land the 3x All-Star:

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