Boston Celtics Rumors: 3 potential buyout candidates that could best help the C’s

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With the NBA’s trade deadline now come and gone, the Boston Celtics should look to the buyout market to bolster their roster for a a potentially deep postseason run.

The 2019-20 NBA trade deadline came and went and the Boston Celtics did what they typically do: they stood pat. While some of us may have been let down by this “stagnant approach” the C’s took leading up to the 3 PM (ET) cut-off time, it must be remembered that Danny Ainge knows what he’s doing.

While we can all sit here and say this and that, it truly must be stated: Ainge knows more about these things than almost all of us. With this, we need to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Acquiring assets in a trade would have — most likely — required Boston to give up some valuable assets which, in turn, could have serious ramifications in regard to chemistry & level of play as well as hindering their potential at future talents (i.e. draft picks).

If only there were some way the team could bring on some players without having to give up on current ones that hold true worth.

Well, now that you mention it Joey, there actually is!

It’s called the buyout market.

The buyout market is essentially seen as the last opportunity teams have to add meaningful players before the postseason begins. A buyout happens when a player and his employer mutually agree to part ways — generally, the player agrees to forfeit a specific portion of his guaranteed money — and becomes a free agent.

Typically speaking, the most popular time for team’s to gauge the market is right after the trade deadline, where players may become disgruntled by their team dealing for another player that impinges on their involvement or a team has an unwanted player that they could not trade prior to the deadline and would like to remove from their roster.

There are many players in 2020 that fit this criteria and soon could find themselves on the open market. With this in mind, we will be looking at 3 potential buyout candidates that could best help the Boston Celtics moving forward.

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