Boston Celtics Rumors: 2 under-the-radar players C’s could target

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With just a few hours remaining between now and the NBA trade deadline, we take a look at 2 under-the-radar players the Boston Celtics could target.

It’s the final stretch Boston Celtics fans. With it being the morning of February 6th we have just hours before the NBA’s trade deadline officially arrives. Thus far into the frenzy that is the league’s trade season Danny Ainge and co. have remained quiet.

Once did we see the Celtics’ name intertwined with a high-profile player, as earlier this week Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Boston was “engaged with the Houston Rockets in trade talks for center Clint Capela.” However, as we now all know, the French-native is officially off the market as he was later traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

Outside of this, the C’s have been out of the limelight for the most part. However, as history has shown, the NBA’s trade deadline is a time filled with surprises.

Without a moments notice, a WojBomb could erupt, and the Boston Celtics could find themselves within it’s range.

Just because they’ve been quiet up until this point, it doesn’t mean they won’t strike a deal prior to the 3 PM (ET) deadline. We’ve seen the franchise have a similar approach in recent years and wound up dealing for Isaiah Thomas.

We’ve discussed many routes they could potentially take this season: blockbuster deals, sharpshooting talents, bench additions, etc. Today, however, we will be discussing 2 under-the-radar players the Boston Celtics should target to help bolster their team’s talent pool.

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