Outlining 3 different trade deadline outcomes for the Boston Celtics

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Just one day away, the NBA trade deadline looms for the Boston Celtics and all 29 other franchises. Here are three outcomes that can come to fruition for the C’s.

Soon enough, the NBA trade deadline will be in the rear-view mirror for the Boston Celtics. Until then, Hardwood Houdini will be among the numerous outlets providing you with potential trade scenarios.

This year’s deadline is more unpredictable than most year’s, because it truly does feel like a handful of teams have a shot at winning the NBA Championship in 2020. Count the Celtics among them, with their 34-15 record positioning them snugly as the fifth best team in the entire association.

Winning isn’t the only reason there is so much optimism in Beantown. Unlike contenders like the Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets and Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics own plenty of draft capital to deploy in a trade before tomorrow’s deadline.

That makes them players for just about any trade target out there. With a combination of desirable players on bargain salaries (Marcus Smart and Jayson Tatum come to mind) and an excess of draft wealth (the C’s own three first round picks in the upcoming draft), no trade target is truly out of reach.

The question then shifts to whether or not Danny Ainge is going to play hardball with his treasure trove of trade-able assets. Standing pat could be an option. Nuking the lineup and introducing a brand new superstar to the lineup is also an option.

No matter what happens, this will be a fun deadline for Boston Celtics fans. Speaking of which, Boston Celtics fans, here are three outcomes that could happen come tomorrow:

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