Boston Celtics: ranking each player’s output at the halfway mark

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Things have been going smoothly in 2019-20, with the Boston Celtics currently sporting a 30 -14 record. The Houdini ranks the output of each player on the team to explain how the C’s got to where they are now.

Opinions of teams change game by game in just about any sport. The NBA, in particular, can see stars become overnight and see fan-bases turn on superstars in an instant. Ask any Boston Celtics fan and they will tell you how extreme that was last season when Kyrie Irving ping-ponged between hero and destroyer.

Well, there is no destroyer this season. Instead, the team is jelling and better yet, there hasn’t been a single peep out of the locker-room that there has been unrest. I suppose starting the season 8-1 and winning two of out every three games played is a good way to keep players from going at each other’s throats.

You haven’t heard Kemba Walker throw the younger players under the bus. Gordon Hayward hasn’t complained about not getting enough touches on offense, given his impending decision regarding the $34 million player option he owns for 2020-21. Even Enes Kanter has handled his bench role well, which wasn’t the case last season on the New York Knicks.

All in all, this has been a fantastic year to be a Boston Celtics fan. The roster is like-able, team success supersedes individual egos and it seems Brad Stevens’ system is lifting every starter’s play. The playoffs will tell us a lot more about the team, but we have 43 games of evidence as to what the identity of this C’s team is.

That identity is defined by those who contribute. Here are all of the Celtics’ contributors ranked:

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