Boston Celtics: the 3 best landing spots for Robert Williams if traded

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ESPN Insiders recently listed the “Time Lord” as a center who could thrive on another team. If he gets dealt by the Boston Celtics, these are three landing spots that make sense.

Everyone on the Boston Celtics besides their five best players (Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart) are on the table for trade discussions during the next few weeks.

One player whose name will certainly pop up in more trade rumors after ESPN’s Mike Schmitz listed him as a player who could thrive on another team is the injured Robert Williams III.

According to Schmitz, Williams might be best suited, well, suiting up elsewhere:

“Injuries, Boston’s window for contending and his own sometimes-shaky feel for the game have kept Williams from really emerging with the Celtics.”

Schmitz’ sees the Daniel Theis and Enes Kanter as roadblocks to Williams seeing consistent minutes:

“Even with Williams dinged up and the Celtics having several bigs ahead of him on the depth chart, it is hard to imagine Boston simply giving up on the Time Lord. But Williams is the type of undervalued, springy center I’d prioritize in a deal with the Celtics, as he holds clear starter potential in the right situation.“

The Houdini doesn’t want to see the “Time Lord” leave. But, out of respect to whatever the future holds, we want to see him in the right situation. Here are three teams we would consider to be the right situation for Williams if he is in fact dealt away from the Boston Celtics:

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