Boston Celtics: Kemba Walker’s presence separates this team from seasons past

Positivity from Kemba Walker is infectious throughout the locker room of the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics clearly have set a different atmosphere both on and off the court this season. A large part of that is contributed to the organization of the Celtics, but the other part is a credit to the humble players who make up the 2019-20 shamrocks.

As talented as the young and rising Celtics have been, they still needed the presence of a true veteran leader; someone who is calm, cool, and collected, especially under pressure. The C’s went out and acquired the best candidate for the position… Kemba Walker.

After becoming a three-time All-Star with the Charlotte Hornets, Walker made the decision to take his talents to the city of Boston. It’s important to emphasize the point guard chose to join the C’s and wasn’t forced to go somewhere he didn’t want to.

Walker quickly began building a rapport with his new teammates Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart over the summer during their time representing Team USA in the FIBA World Cup. We’re starting to notice how influential the time spent with Team USA was, as it’s translating to the court for the Boston Celtics.

Even with his teammates who weren’t playing for Team USA have quickly formed chemistry with their new point guard and leader. Celtics Nation is starting to see that the positivity from Walker is infectious and it’s meaningful to say the least.

Semi Ojeleye has been part of a few different looking teams in his three years here with the Boston Celtics. When Ojeleye was asked about Kemba, he had nothing but great words for his new teammate.

“His demeanor is always high. I’ve never seen a guy that will miss a shot and always smile. It’s good to have a guy like that, it lifts everybody’s spirit and I think it just helps everybody loosen up. In a league where there’s a lot going on around you, it helps to have a guy like that, that tries to boost everybody.”- Semi Ojeleye, per

The Kemba Walker appreciation goes way beyond his teammates and into the coaching staff. Even Head Coach Brad Stevens admires his new All-NBA guard and has told the younger guys on the team to emulate Walker’s readiness and professionalism.

“If you want to be special, then model after Kemba. Special is not for everybody, but that’s just different. That’s just always ready. Always wanting to be called upon. Always loving to play. He’s not untying his shoes. He’s staying ready because he knows this game can change in a heartbeat” -Brad Stevens Dec. 9th post game press conference

With the holidays coming up, Kemba Walker bought all of his Celtics teammates brand new Xbox One gaming consoles with personalized carrying travel cases. It was a very generous gesture from one of the newest members off the team.

Lastly, the fans of Celtics Nation certainly have a large role in the overall atmosphere of the team and TD Garden. There are many players all around the league who have either played for the Celtics or have just played a game in the TD Garden to experience the atmosphere of the crowd and see the way they react and get into the game truly makes playing in Boston different than anywhere else, and Walker is now experiencing it first-hand.

Though it may be just 27 games into his 4-year commitment with the franchise, it appears the Boston Celtics have found their long-term answer at point guard heading into the new decade.