Danny Ainge doesn’t think the Boston Celtics need a trade right now

Danny Ainge Boston Celtics (Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
Danny Ainge Boston Celtics (Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images) /

In comments to the media before the team’s 105-103 loss to the Orlando Magic on Saturday, Danny Ainge affirmed his belief in this Boston Celtics team – and didn’t seem particularly eager to enter the trade market.

After a humiliating two-point loss to the Orlando Magic on Saturday, the Boston Celtics sit at 25-17 on the season, with the top of the East drifting further and further away from their grasp. While Kyrie Irving voiced his frustrations after the game, Celtics GM Danny Ainge had a more optimistic message to give to the media (albeit before tip-off):

"“I don’t feel a need to have to do something. I like every guy on our team. I like our roster. There will be Get Get conversations, obviously. Every year it happens with every team. But we’ll only do something that makes sense.”"

While it is fun to ponder over potential trade ideas, especially as the NBA draws closer to trade deadline season, it seems as though Ainge isn’t pressing the panic button on this team’s campaign yet. After seeing the turmoil and triumph the Celtics have faced just within the past week, he still seems content with riding out the wave.

"“I try not to get too emotional with a hot streak or a cold streak, and just look at what our team is. How our team has played this year, I really haven’t been too surprised with anything, the good and the bad. You could anticipate both of those things happening. So, I’m not surprised. I feel like our team is in a good place and playing well. But I like the path they’re headed in.”More from Celtics NewsBoston Celtics’ two-way contract decision will be made after training campProposed trade sends Boston Celtics playoff killer to the Cs from rival‘Face of Germany’s stunning run’ in FIBA World Cup not the only ex-Boston Celtics player to win goldProposed Boston Celtics trade target pitched for reunion with fired coachBattle For Banner 18: Will Boston Celtics battle historical foe in 2024 Finals?"

With a slew of draft picks and an array of young assets on the roster, the Celtics are in their usual position of having quite a few options at the deadline and during the off-season. Most fans have their eyes set on Anthony Davis – even Jayson Tatum would trade himself for the transcendent big man.

Of course, because Davis has signed a designated player rookie extension with the New Orleans Pelicans, and the Celtics already have traded for such a player in Kyrie Irving, they’re ineligible to make a package for AD until Irving opts out of his deal this off-season. From that perspective, it may make sense to just sit tight with all of their current assets to give them more flexibility come summertime.

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Then again, these comments are most likely just Danny Ainge not wanting to play his hand. He’ll surely be picking up the phone come trade deadline week, just as he says in the quote, so if the right offer comes, the right offer will be accepted. But, given the situation the Celtics’ are currently in asset-wise, it probably is a smart move to hang tight onto their valuable pieces – combine that with these comments, and Celtics fans probably shouldn’t be holding their breath on a trade before the deadline.