Boston Celtics: Marcus Morris will continue to be a major contributor next season

With a healthy Gordon Hayward being added to the fray next season, many question whether Marcus Morris will be able to have a major impact on the Boston Celtics’ success like he did last year.

Marcus Morris is certainly not the ideal team player. On occasion he lets his temper get out of control, and during last years’ playoffs he took his fair share of questionable shots to put it nicely. Morris is not perfect on the court, but his value to this team is immense. Even in a reduced bench role, the Boston Celtics need Marcus to contribute next season in order for this group to reach their ceiling.

Gordon Hayward will be added to this team next year, and that has made many individuals believe that because they play the same position that Morris will no longer possess a significant role. It is understandable for one to think this way but it is simply not the case. Hayward’s return will take a few minutes away from multiple players, so it will not have a major impact on Marcus’ playing time. Players like Semi Ojeleye, Jayson Tatum, and even big man Daniel Theis will likely see a minuscule dip in minutes along with Morris because Gordon will play multiple positions for the Celtics.

Boston will not reduce Marcus Morris’ minutes by a large amount because the coaching staff recognizes that he has a major impact on winning. Morris possesses an attitude that is infectious and throughout the year he has used this demeanor in order to fire up the entire team. Also, despite being an inconsistent shot-maker Marcus brings a lot to the table offensively. Last season he was one of the very few members on the team that could consistently create their own shot off the dribble. In the isolation-heavy style of basketball today, this is a skill that is extremely valuable and underrated.

Defensive versatility is arguably the most impactful skill that Marcus Morris possesses. His ability to switch onto anyone from shooting guards to power forwards is another invaluable asset that a team in todays NBA can never have enough of. Morris is a unique player because unlike most he can have a tremendous impact on both sides of the ball.

Marcus Morris will continue to receive significant minutes next year and be a major contributor for the green. His unique skill-set to go along with his energy and passion make him an instrumental piece to the Boston Celtics and their quest for another championship.