Should the Celtics Sign Anthony Randolph?

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - MAY 19: Anthony Randolph,
ISTANBUL, TURKEY - MAY 19: Anthony Randolph, /

Anthony Randolph was a bust in the NBA. The 14th overall pick in 2008 entered the league with a confusing scouting report. He was listed as a big man who offered unique guard-like abilities, but was too small to play against primer power forwards and centers.

Unfortunately for Randolph, that playing style didn’t exact fit in the NBA at that time. Through 5 years, he struggled to produce with career averages of just 7.1 points per game, 4.3 rebounds per game and just 0.7 assist per game . Underwhelming to say the least.

His failure to produce then landed him out of the NBA and into the overseas basketball. Here he was tasked with reinventing himself.

He gained weight morphing him into a more prototypical NBA center (6’11, 230lbs). He became a better defender and he now has a more reliable 3-point shot.

Still, he wasn’t able to showcase these skills to NBA scouts in an attempt to return to the NBA. That is, until the EuroBasketball Tournament.

Randolph played for Slovenia, the same team Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic plays for. This immediately gave Randolph the opportunity to shine in front of NBA executives, and he did just that.

Throughout the tournament Randolph averaged 14.1 points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.4 blocks per game, while shooting an excellent 41% from 3.

He wasn’t playing any slouches either. During Slovenia’s road to the championship Randolph matched up with Kristaps Porzingis, and the Gasol Brothers. It’s safe to say Porzingis and Randolph didn’t exactly get along.

Now, teams are wondering if he should be on an NBA roster. He seems to be a perfect fit for today’s NBA. He’s big, mobile, can block shots and most importantly, can shoot from the perimeter. He literally checks off all the boxes for what an NBA team would want in a big for the modern basketball. At just 28 year of age, he seems to be a good player to take a chance on.

Now, we just need to think of a team who would need a 3 and D big man, who can block shots. Hmmmm, I wonder what team could need such a thing?

Oh, that’s right the Celtics do. Randolph could be the perfect fit for the Celtics who love the modern space-and-pace style of the NBA. His rim-protection, ability to guard the perimeter and beefed up stature could help Boston guard a number of hybrid big men.

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With his playing style I believe Stevens could find use out of Randolph. I would even go as far to say that Randolph could be in for a career transformation (similar to Jordan Crawford) with the help of Stevens.

In any scope, Randolph seems to be a player the Celtics should keep their eyes on while looking to fill the 15th roster spot.