Best and Worst Case Scenario for a Celtics Blow Up

Apr 18, 2017; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas (4) walks off the floor during the fourth quarter in game two of the first round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs against the Chicago Bulls at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Before we begin please note that I am Team Isaiah Thomas and am for the Celtics standing pat throughout this whole process and building through the draft and free agency. That being said, there has been a whole lot of talk lately about what the Celts should do, and everyone seems to have the answers.  The most common being, “Trade IT. He’s going to be 29 and can’t play defense. In fact, trade everyone not on a rookie contract and build for later.”

Okay. Fine.

In 25 steps each, let’s see how blowing our core up would look in the best case scenario and how it would look if things didn’t exactly go our way. Like always, we can start with the veggies.

Worst Case Scenario Blow Up

  1. Celts get swept by the Bulls in the first round of the 2017 playoffs. People are freaking out. Danny Ainge is freaking out. He decides not to jump ship, but to remodel it completely.
  2. Danny doesn’t plan to re-sign Jonas Jerebko, Amir Johnson, Gerald Green, or James Young.
  3. Every single non Jaylen Brown Celtic is put on the trade market.
  4. Curiously, word around the water cooler is that teams aren’t as high on Thomas, Marcus Smart, or Jae Crowder. Avery Bradley has some interest.
  5. Danny doesn’t think he will extend a qualifying offer to Kelly Olynyk either.
  6. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin announce they plan to stay with the Clippers after losing in 7 to the Jazz.
  7. Gordon Hayward announces he plans to stay with the Jazz after they lose in 6 to the Warriors in the WC Semis.
  8. Danny is dead set on getting Jimmy Butler. Butler just beat the tar out of the Celts, after all.
  9. The Bulls announce they have no intention whatsoever on trading Butler.
  10. Thomas is upset at all of the Celtics trade rumors.
  11. The Cavs come back 1-3 in the series to beat the Warriors in 7 games.
  12. The draft lottery is a disappointment, and the Celtics own the 4th pick in the 2017 draft.
  13. No teams are willing to trade a start for the 4th pick in the draft and Tyler Zeller.
  14. Danny freaks. Trades IT, 4th pick, Zizic, 56th pick, and Crowder for Paul George.
  15. George announces he has no plans to sign an extension with the Celtics but will keep them in mind during 2018 free agency.
  16. Fans freak out about PG announcement.
  17. Danny freaks part 2. Trades Smart, Bradley, Clippers 2019 pick, Memphis 2019 pick, Yabusele, and the 2018 Nets pick for… Joel Embiid?
  18. Fans freak out. This time in a good way. Thank you, Danny.
  19. Danny announces he signed Jrue Holiday to a near max deal.
  20. Luke Babbitt, Jodie Meeks, and Terrence Jones sign with the Celtics
  21. Danny did extend the qualifying offer to Olynyk, but Orlando offered him a deal out of reach.
  22. His 3rd day in Boston, Embiid tears his meniscus and ACL after playing a mean game of chess with Jaylen and attempting a soccer slide celebration.
  23. Roster is now
    1. Holiday-Rozier-Jackson
    2. Brown-Meeks
    3. George-Babbitt-Nader
    4. Embiid(out for season)-Jones-Mickey
    5. Horford-Zeller
  24. Jrue plays 40 games, 20 of which are really good. Horford averages 13-4-3. Brown still shows potential but not much production. PG13 expresses his unhappiness with everyone. Celts squeak in the playoffs at 41-41 and get swept by the Cavs. George goes to Lakers. Ainge quits. Brad Stevens announces he’s going to coach at Mississippi State. Embiid plays pick up with some Real Madrid players during the Summer, tears his other meniscus.
  25. Celtics don’t become remotely relevant for at least 5 more years.


Now on a more optimistic note…

Apr 16, 2017; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas (4), center Al Horford (42), guard Avery Bradley (0) and forward Jae Crowder (99) walk off the court after their 106-102 loss to the Chicago Bulls in game one of the first round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Best Case Scenario Blow Up

  1. Celtics come back and win 4 straight against the Bulls. They then beat the Wizards in 6. The Raptors took care of the Cavs for the Celts and the ECF goes to 7 games, with the Celtics moving on after Jaylen Brown hits a game winner in game 7. Celtics then lose in 6 to the Warriors but played extremely hard and got praise by the media.
  2. The fans clamor that IT’s defense was a main problem and reason why they lost in the Finals.
  3. Fans also realize that they can’t afford to pay Smart, Thomas, Bradley, and Olynyk at the same time.
  4. Fultz is getting a ton of praise in early workouts. Media personalities like Jeff Goodman and Jay Bilas say he is a sure thing.
  5. Celtics win the 1st pick during the NBA Draft Lottery.
  6. Fans want Markelle Fultz. Media says he is a true point guard.
  7. The Bulls announce that Butler is unhappy and wishes to be traded.
  8. Paxson and Forman call up Danny Ainge and propose Thomas, Crowder and Mem 1st for Butler. They don’t want to rebuild. Danny can’t pass it up.
  9. Danny isn’t done. He wants a championship now.
  10. Danny extends a qualifying offer to Olynyk.
  11. Hayward announces that he wishes to play for Brad Stevens, his former college coach.
  12. The Celtics sign Hayward.
  13. Guerschon Yabusele and Ante Zizic have been getting the most offseason hype. The future looks bright for them. They are both being brought up.
  14. Fans are somewhat disgruntled with Al Horford. He speaks a bit on how trading IT was unfair, and not morally right.
  15. Out of nowhere, Danny trades Horford, Zizic, 2018 and 2020 Celtics 1st, Zeller, Clippers 1st, 2018 Brooklyn pick, and Bradley for Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony
  16. Nobody seems to want Olynyk. They have no idea how good he could be. He comes back to the Celts.
  17. Celtics sign Young, Green, and Jerebko for less than 10 million combined.
  18. Roster is now
    1. Fultz-Smart-Rozier
    2. Butler-Green-Young
    3. Hayward-Brown-Nader
    4. Yabusele(Oh yes Yabusele is that good)-Anthony-Jerebko
    5. Porzingis-Olynyk
  19. Celts lose 2 games in the entire playoffs. The Warriors aren’t terrible, after all.
  20. Fultz becomes a stud at starting point guard. Brown makes the 2nd year leap.
  21. Smart is great as well. Funny thing is, all he had to do is shoot a bit better and people started to notice.
  22. Butler becomes the leader of the most unselfish team in basketball. Fultz-Butler-Hayward-Yabu all average 5 APG. Unprecedented for 4 guys to do so.
  23. Porzingis continues to show freaky promise and efficient scoring, and Anthony wins 6th man of the year.
  24. Anthony moves on to the following year to join his banana boat friends in LA, allowing the Celts to have the money to their guys.
  25. All is well in Beantown.

I don’t know what will happen, but please remember that in order to get the best case scenario, there is risk of the worst case scenario. I love the fact that we have options, unlike most teams. Ainge is great at being patient and taking advantage of situations. I vote that we be patient as well, and trust Ainge until he fails us.