Boston Celtics News: Brandan Wright Traded To Phoenix; Jeff Green Next?


Time for a late-night edition of Boston Celtics news!  Hope you didn’t buy a Brandan Wright jersey . . .

Brandan Wright Traded To The Phoenix Suns

The gutting of the Boston Celtics roster reached laughable heights tonight, as the center Boston acquired in the trade that sent Rajon Rondo to Dallas was shipped out to Phoenix.

Let’s start with what Boston got in return for Wright’s short stay in Beantown:

The pick that Boston received has top-12 protection, and will become two second-round picks if the Celtics are unable to use it by 2016.  Given Minnesota’s current state of awfulness, all bets are on the Celtics receiving two second-round picks in the 2017 NBA Draft.

I suppose the trade exception is something to be excited about . . . but since all the Celtics currently seem interested in doing is trading players OUT of Boston, I’m not thrilled by the prospect of Danny Ainge using any of these trade exceptions to bring in top-tier players.  Boston has managed to accumulate a king’s ransom – also known as a “buttload” to you and me – worth of first and second round picks for something next to the next 100 drafts (here’s a slightly more accurate breakdown), so maybe Trader Danny can bring in an All-Star or five within a calendar year.


I’d say I am disappointed by this trade – Wright seemed like a defensive upgrade and the sort of player who would at least provide some highlight-reel moments in another dismal season – but it’s not like I really became attached to Wright, since he has barely played for the Cs.  Given the fact that this contract expired at the end of this season, you have to appreciate the fact that Boston got something out of him before he left town.

 ESPN Reports That Boston Has Agreed To Send Jeff Green To Memphis

Details are still sketchy on this rumor, but when you consider the fact that Uncle Jeff traveled to Indianapolis but did not suit up or take the floor with his teammates,  this would appear to be almost a done deal.

ESPN broke the news earlier today, but whereas their report mentioned that a third team might become involved, Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! Sports has since reported that a third team is what both sides are looking for in order to make this trade go down:

 Coach Brad Stevens said about as much as he could when he told reporters following tonight’s loss to the Pacers, “I can tell you [Green] won’t be with us this weekend.” So far, it sounds like Boston will inherit Tayshaun Prince’s $7.7 million expiring contract and another future first-round draft pick.   First Wright, now Green – folks, who is going to provide me rim-rocking dunks from here on out?  Can Prince even get enough lift to reach the rim these days?!?  

The Celtics have done their best to make things really interesting out West, having improved the playoff chances of the Dallas Mavericks, the Phoenix Suns, and apparently the Memphis Grizzlies, all in the span of a month!  All to possibly become a playoff team themselves by what, 2020?

Go Celtics!