Celtics News: Brandan Wright on the Chopping Block, and More!


Afternoon, Celtics Nation!  As we get ready for tonight’s game versus the Indiana Pacers, I thought we should get everyone caught up on the latest Boston Celtics news.

Brandan Wright Has Been Told To Expect a Trade

According to numerous sources, most notably J. Michael over at CSNWashington.com, Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge has informed the freshly-acquired big man that he should expect to be traded, soon:

"Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge has informed the 6-10 center that he’s on the block and should expect to be on another team. That’s why Wright had a head-scratching DNP this week on a team that could use his skill set."

There are an awful lot of teams that would be interested in talking to the Celtics about Wright.  As Tyson Chandler‘s back-up in Dallas, Wright was chipping in 8.8 PPG, 4.1 RPG, and 1.6 blocks – all while shooting 74.8% from the floor.  You don’t think a playoff team could put those skills to use?

So why in the world are the Boston Celtics willing to get rid of Wright?  I mean, he’s virtually unstoppable within five feet of the basket, can defend the pick and roll and provide tremendous help defense, swooping in from the weak side to eliminate some of his teammates’ defensive breakdowns.

Guess the Celtics have no intention of accumulating players who they KNOW can play; they would rather acquire draft picks so they can make up a roster of kids who MIGHT be able to play.

 James Young is on the Inactive List . . . Again!

For those of us who rejoiced when Young saw some significant playing time Monday night against the Charlotte Hornets, and thought his 13 points on 5-for-7 shooting would earn him some more PT . . . well, drat.

According to Brad Stevens, the decision to list Young as inactive Wednesday night against the Brooklyn Nets was not an easy call:

"James was a really hard call because he’s coming off of a really good game.  We’ve talked a lot about it. We’re really pleased with his development. We’re really pleased with his work ethic, but those older guys that have been ahead of him have had really good moments, too. And having Marcus Thornton come back, we thought that was the appropriate call. That was a difficult decision, for sure."

I get it: Stevens is coaching to win, and playing Marcus Thornton over a still-raw rookie such as Young increases your odds of winning.  Still, I like to think more Celtics fans are thinking this . . .

. . . than are thinking, “Gosh, we might actually make the playoffs this year!”

Don’t forget: game tip is 7 p.m.  See you on Twitter!

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