What Rajon Rondo’s Return To Boston Looks Like On Twitter!


Rajon Rondo is returning to TD Garden, Boston Celtics fans, and the Internet is breaking as a result!

Okay – I might have been a bit Kim Kardashian there; the Internet is fine, last time I checked.  But, as you might suspect, there is a good deal of buzz in the Twitterverse regarding no. 9’s first trip to Beantown as a member of the Dallas Mavericks. I thought I would take a spin around Twitter to see what some people are saying, and writing, about Rondo.

For starters, even if rumors that he was eager to get off of Boston are true, I expect Rondo to have some emotions to deal with when he takes the parquet floor tomorrow night:

Not that Rondo will allow any emotions to show on his face – I wouldn’t expect any Paul Pierce-like moments from Rondo tomorrow.

I do expect to see an awful lot of emotional fans, though.   The Rondo trade wasn’t one that many fans were clamoring for, even if his performance with the Cs left a lot to be desired this season.

Don’t be surprised to see a monster game from no. 9 tomorrow; I’m sure Rondo will be eager to show the Celtics what they’re missing.  As an impending UFA, I thought Rondo should have been displaying a bit more fire right from opening night this season, but at the very least he seems to be motivated to prove his value on the free agent market now that he is in Dallas.

And we’ll file these under the “Not much has changed” category:

It won’t quite have the build-up of TheTtruth’s first game back in Boston, but it’s definitely the perfect way to kick-start what will be an otherwise disappointing 2015 for Boston Celtics fans.

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