Fight For 15: Chris Babb


Mar 22, 2013; Dayton, OH, USA; Iowa State Cyclones guard Chris Babb (2) passes around Notre Dame Fighting Irish guard Jerian Grant (22) in the second half during the second round of the 2013 NCAA tournament at University of Dayton Arena. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

With the start of training camp on September 30th, the Boston Celtics final training camp roster will have 18 spots unless another player is added shortly before the start. There are a few players who are going to have to fight for the final roster spot on the team. The Celtics have 14 guaranteed contracts, so those players will likely not be going anywhere. In the fight for 15, we’ll discuss the four players who received invites to camp that could make the cut. 

Chris Babb is a former guard/forward from that played for Iowa State. Babb was a reliable spot up shooter and a notable defender. Babb played two years at Iowa State after transferring from Penn State University.

Babb brings a skill that the Celtics desperately need: shooting. The Celtics couldn’t find a truly reliable presence consistently from beyond the arch last year. In his last season at Iowa State, Babb shot 38% from deep. The Celtics will have Babb in for training camp looking for him to flex that skill. Because they couldn’t find reliable shooting, Babb may have a chance at earning a roster spot.

Why Babb Should Get the Spot

Babb was a reliable three point shooter at Iowa State and flashed some pretty good defensive skills from time to time. He could turn into a reliable 3-and-D player at the next level. Those are the kind of players that every supporting cast in the NBA needs to have.

He had a 57% true shooting percentage last season at Iowa State and was very consistent on the offensive end. He shot 40% from the field, but most of his shots were three point attempts. He only took 7.2 shots per game and 5.2 of those were from three. The Iowa State offense was one that liked to get up and down and look for things from deep or at the rim. The Celtics should be somewhat similar to that this year on an NBA level–that bodes pretty well for Babb.

Babb isn’t going to be a focal point on anyone’s team, but he does offer skill that NBA teams do need. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was kept around off of his three point shooting alone. He may be a role player, but if he can play the role well then I’d like to see him on this team.

Why Babb Shouldn’t Get the Spot

While Babb’s contribution is important, it isn’t necessarily something that you can’t find somewhere else. There are always going to be 3-and-D guys available. They may not all be able to play at high levels, but if you wanted to take a chance on another one instead of keeping Babb on the roster then you could.

Babb isn’t a good ball handler and shouldn’t be counted on to be one. Its just that if he finds himself with the ball on the inside, things could go pretty bad for the Celtics. He doesn’t bring much else besides three point shooting and somewhat consistent defending–and, still, I worry about him defending on an NBA level. Some of the guards and forwards on the NBA level are very hard to stay in front of. We’ll see how he performs in training camp against the likes of Lee, Brooks and Keith Bogans.

Will Babb Get the Spot

I don’t think Babb will find himself on the Celtics roster after camp. The Celtics can find way too many 3-and-D players elsewhere if Babb isn’t productive. His leash during camp isn’t going to be the longest and that is what is going to hurt him the most.