A Letter to The Quirky One: Rajon Rondo


Jan 24, 2013; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo (9) brings the ball up court during the third quarter against the New York Knicks at TD Banknorth Garden. The New York Knicks won 89-86. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Rajon,

How we miss you so. It seems like just yesterday we were all preparing for you to take over the lead for this team. We were ready for the future–ready for Rajon to lead us to the promised land.

Then, on that day, that awful, dreadfully cold January day we found out that we lost you. January 27th is now regarded as the day that uncertainty took over. We thought you were fine–we thought it was just the hamstring.

When we found out it was more, we were left heartbroken. We lost our map and were left with no direction. There was no North, South, East or West–only forward. That’s all we could do.

We didn’t know what was in our near future. Was this the end of the Garnett era in Boston for certain? Were Paul Pierce’s days as a Celtic numbered? These were all questions that we were anxiously awaiting the answers to–most of them are still unanswered, honestly.

We didn’t know how our future would look in the long term or the short term–some even thought that we were better off without you after a few quick wins. Oh, how wrong they were, Rajon. How wrong they were.

We found that out in the playoffs where the Celtics team that needed to be freed from you so much couldn’t complete a post-entry pass against the New York Knicks. This same team that could barely muster up 90 points with you certainly could not do it without you when the game slowed down even more.

On a team that yearned for offensive consistency, you were the most consistent threat. You were the bandage that slowed the bleeding, and when you fell off the wound completely reopened. There was only  a quick fix, but it couldn’t be stopped–only slowed.

Look, your flaws have been well documented over the past few years. You aren’t a great shooter–though you have improved your midrange game immensely. You only make your free throws 65% of the time and sometimes, you can be a bit crazy. But you are still our point guard.

You are the cog that makes the offense go–11.1 assists don’t manifest by osmosis. Your turnover to assist ratio was almost 3-1 and taking into account how much you dominate the ball, quite frankly that’s amazing.

You are one of the most enigmatic players in the association currently. No one else can endear himself in the hearts of fans while destroying children in a game of Connect 4.

You are the future of this Boston franchise in one way or another. Every year your name will likely be thrown into trade conversation just as it was this year. But you should know that, as fans, we have your back. We appreciate you for what you are even if that is a flawed, yet skilled, and very quirky point guard.

You may be the antithesis of today’s average NBA point guard, but what does that mean if you are productive? Your skills provide merit in your role–you don’t need to be something that you aren’t.

At the end of the day, Rajon, you are all that we have and there doesn’t seem to be much better on the horizon. Hopefully the organization can get some decent pieces around you in the very near future so we can watch you compete for championships again.

As I’m sure you already know, there is nothing like playoff Rondo or national television Rondo. Who else can have nearly a triple 20 game  on the highest level of basketball? Who else has 20 assist games and comes out of them with a sense of angst and dissatisfaction? You are a point guard among point guards–a player among players. You are special no matter what anyone says and you need to be appreciated.