Chris Paul Wanted Kevin Garnett to be a Clipper


Feb 19, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett before the first half against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center. The Nuggets won 97-90. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Loyalty in The Association is very hard to come by.

The Celtics need to be thankful for what they have. Apparently, they are because they didn’t pull the trigger on a Kevin Garnett deal that would’ve sent him to the Clippers for Eric Bledsoe, Deandre Jordan, and possible other pieces. Garnett was being courted by Chris Paul before the trade deadline according to Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald.

Garnett has a no trade clause, if you didn’t know. He could’ve waived that at any time during this trade deadline. He was steadfast in his position in Boston and said that he wasn’t waiving it unless Paul Pierce was dealt first–in respect of a Celtics organization ready to move on. Well, we’ll never what a team with Eric Bledsoe in green would’ve looked like. But for Garnett’s loyalty in this situation, it definitely wasn’t worth it.

Take a look at what Murphy said:

"According to several accounts, though, talk between Ainge and the Clippers continued right up until the final hours yesterday. Garnett said during All-Star weekend that he would not waive his no-trade clause, and held true to his vow despite added pressure from Clippers guard Chris Paul.According to a league source, Paul called Garnett and said that if he was open to joining the Clippers, then Paul would make it happen. Garnett, though, declined, expressing a desire to remain a Celtic.Ainge’s wish list had been topped by the Clippers’ young duo of guard Eric Bledsoe and center DeAndre Jordan. The Clips, with an eye on trading part of the future for a deep playoff run now, focused their attention on Garnett.But Garnett reportedly said no, to the relief of an entire Celtics locker room."

This isn’t the first time that Garnett has stayed loyal to an organization. Just ask the Minnesota Timberwolves what its like to have such a luxury on your team. They kept  Garnett through his prime and only just missed winning an NBA title. Through all of the trials and hardships that Garnett went through with the Timberwolves, he still wanted to be a wolf.

The Celtics are on a different level for Garnett, though. He wants to finish his career as a Celtic and retire as one. The politics and business of the NBA don’t interest him. He’s doesn’t want to just play for a title contender and win a title. He wants to win one as a Boston Celtic. Most players who hear their name in trade talks get uneasy and are willing to leave. Not Garnett. He’s kept his stance and stayed firm with his position.

He bleeds green and that’s all you can ask for out of him. However you feel about the Big Three era in Boston, you can’t help but respect this. This is the opposite of Ray Allen. This is the opposite of most players in the NBA. This is loyalty we’re looking at here. When Chris Paul calls you and asks if you want to play for his team, normal players don’t say no to that. Garnett said no. Garnett said that he wanted to be a Celtic. I don’t care how you put it, that’s something special.