The Boston Celtics defeated the Orlando Magic: 97-84


Feb 01, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics power forward Jeff Green (8) grabs the rebound against Orlando Magic power forward Kyle O

The Boston Celtics clinched their third straight victory tonight over a Glen Davis-less Orlando Magic squad. This game was another that featured their dumbed down offense that led to a lot of points. The Celtics kept everything from the free throw line down to the rim once again and focused on using the corners.

Very rarely were shots made from above the break. A lot of their offense comes from post ups and quick hitting side pick and rolls. There’s usually one or two reads and then a shot.

The Celtics picked up their third win in as many games after losing Rajon Rondo to a torn ACL for the season. This win comes on the same day that Jared Sullinger was lost to the season as well after successful Lumbar surgery on his back. Courtney Lee gave us an in-game scare, too. Thankfully, he came back in the game and was fine.

Injuries are all over the place, but the Celtics are rolling with the punches. They’re fighting to keep the 8th and final playoff spot away from the Detroit Pistons and the Toronto Raptors and its working out well for them right now.

Getting into the grades.


Courtney Lee: A

Courtney Lee played a great game tonight–even through injury. Lee had 14 points tonight on 13 shots to go along with five assists and five rebounds to boot. He did his best Rondo impression, stuffing the stat sheet.  He also played a team high 38 minutes tonight between the point and shooting guard positions.

Avery Bradley: C

Avery played well on the defensive end, but he still doesn’t seem to be comfortable on offense. He took nine shots and only made three of those looks. He scored six points on those attempts and had two rebounds and two assists. His defense will always get him a passing grade, but he’s going to have to step his play up on the other end of the floor.

Paul Pierce: A+

Speaking of a Rondo impersonation, Pierce played another good game tonight. He only scored 14 points on 10 shots, but he also corralled 11 rebounds making this his third straight game with at least 10. He also coupled that with seven assists tonight. People have been talking about Kobe Bryant’s transformation, but how about The Truth?

Brandon Bass: B-

Brandon Bass played a pretty good game for him. He had six points on six shots, but he provided the Celtics with seven rebounds and two on the offensive end. With Sullinger out for the season, the Celtics are going to need him to rebound more. This is a good sign.

Kevin Garnett: A-

Garnett had a really good game tonight on the defensive end holding the Magic’s bigs in check. To that defensive effort, he added 14 points on 12 shots and also gave the Celtics 10 huge rebounds.

Sixth Man & Bench

Jeff Green: A+

Jeff Green had what was probably his best game as a Celtic. He played a lot of power forward in this game. He scored 17 points and had two awesome dunks that would get anyone hype.

Jason Terry: B

Jason Terry scored 12 points tonight and dished out five assists. Since his move on the ball more, he’s been way more productive. Losing Rondo was a blessing in disguise for Terry. Even though we’d all prefer to have Rondo, what Terry is giving us has to be appreciated.

Leandro Barbosa: B-

Barbosa had a pretty good night himself. He scored 12 points on 11 shots and snatched five rebounds. Rebounding from the guard position is important when you’re a historically bad rebounding team.

Jason Collins

In 11 minutes, Collins had three rebounds. BEST NIGHT EVER!!