Heat vs. Celtics Recap


Jan 27, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics power forward Jared Sullinger (7), power forward Kevin Garnett (5) and small forward Paul Pierce (left) celebrate during the first half of a game against the Miami Heat at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Before the game, the Celtics were hands-down the underdogs heading into the game with the news that their All-Star point guard would miss the game with a knee injury. However, worse news stormed the Celtics’ locker room when the team found out that their all-NBA point guard would be out for the rest of the season. It was this drive that sparked the Celtics to a double overtime win over the Beast of the East, the Miami Heat.

The game was always close and both teams played stellar defense. However timely shots by Boston and awful coordination by the Miami Heat, gave the Celtics’s a hard fought win. Many will talk about the last play in double overtime with the Heat down by two. Many would presume that the ball would go to LeBron, Wade, Ray Allen, or even Chris Bosh. However, instead, the ball was given to Shane Battier for a long three pointer.

Celtics would win 100-98.

Player Grades

Courtney Lee: C

Lee did almost nothing. He would have gotten a worse grade, but his efficiency in not turning over the ball avoided any grade worse than the moderate “C”. However, Lee only made one shot out of seven and really didn’t play much throughout the double overtime game.

Avery Bradley: B-

Avery Bradley played above average defense on Dwyane Wade, however Bradley didn’t provide much besides the great hustle and man to man defense. Yes, he scored nine points, but overall his presence on offense was lacking. This allowed more time for Leandro Barbosa to play.

Paul Pierce: A

Paul Pierce had an absolutely great game. The only weakness that Paul Pierce had difficulty today with was his field goal percentage. He shot six for sixteen. However, the man has a triple double. In both overtimes, Pierce outstared LeBron James. Pierce dominated the game offensively and really set up his teammates with 10 assists.

Jared Sullinger: C+

Sullinger showed great hustle with three steals, but he struggled offensively against LeBron James and Udonis Haslem. Also a little tussle with Rashard Lewis, did give the game a little more intensity. Sullinger needs to rebound more efficiently against a team who is last in rebounding. Four rebounds in over 22 minutes is simply not good enough.

Kevin Garnett: A

Garnett is the Celtics’ lone all star after the fall of Rajon Rondo. Garnett played like an All-Star starter today. He finished with  24 points and 11 rebounds. He dominated in both the overtimes and really outmatched Chris Bosh defensively by piling up three blocks. Overall Garnett had a great game defensively and offensively and he really gave the Celtics the heart and fight they needed to what seems like a hopeless season.

Jason Terry: B

Terry had a quality game of the bench by scoring 13 points. Yes, he didn’t too much besides the scoring, but he did his job, and that was to hit big shots when the Celtics needed it. Terry hit the clutch shots when it mattered, and really gave the team another scoring punch besides the two stars, Pierce and Garnett.