NBA Trade Rumors: Should the Celtics Pursue Knicks Forward Amar’e Stoudemire?


January 5, 2013; Orlando FL, USA; New York Knicks power forward Amare Stoudemire

What an interesting concept. Should the Celtics really consider making a trade with one of their division foes? Well I think so.

OK, so I think we all know the Celtics are not up to par with their expectations as being a title contender. Right now they are on pace to be the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference and in that case they would likely to have face the Miami Heat in the first round. Let me be the first to say, the Celtics have no shot against the Heat if they continue to play at the level they are playing at.

Yes, Avery Bradley just came back, but how is he going to help a team who is 21st in points per game. He is not a scorer and the Celtics already have a good defense with or without him. In a reversal of their gamestyle, I think the Celtics should make a move for a scoring big man.

The Celtics have been well-documented this year for having a lack of big men. Garnett hasn’t been playing at a high level. Bass and Sullinger have played well but their ceiling is not that high this year and they are undersized.

What Amare Stoudemire does for the Celtics is give them a scoring option alongside Paul Pierce and gives Rondo a valuable pick and roll player. Amare may not be as explosive as he was a few years ago, but he is definitely more athletic than a majority of today’s power forwards and centers.

In his three games with the Knicks so far in the season, he’s played roughly close to 18 minutes averaging nine points a game. For any modern NBA fan, the stats clearly don’t fit the $20 million he is owed every year. However, STAT has posted over 21 points over his career and at the peak of his performance can easily get you double digit rebounds per game.

The Celtics have struggled rebounding the ball as they are dead last in the league in rebounds per game. Kevin Garnett, their leading rebounder, only averages seven rebounds per game. Amare gives the Celtics a legitimate rebounder.

The Knicks have shown they don’t need Amare Stoudemire by their recent play. It’s also evident that Amare and Carmelo simply can not play well with each other on the court. They both are scorers and need the ball in their hands to be effective. Also, their deficiencies on defense only hurts the Knicks when they play alongside each other, as teams with two great front court players can easily dominate the two on offense. The Knicks need to make a move when they can. So why not now?

The Celtics would be a good fit as they need a experienced big men in the middle and someone that can be a focal point with the Celtics when Garnett and Pierce leave. Stoudemire is only 30 years old and has a mid range shot that can be devastating even in the latter stages of his career when he starts to lose his athleticism. Stoudemire is easily an upgrade over Brandon Bass and Jared Sullinger, and gives the Celtics a much better team on paper. If Stoudemire puts up better numbers in the next few games, I see no reason why the Celtics shouldn’t at least consider calling the Knicks’ front office on a potential deal.