Is Ray Allen Tarnishing His Legacy He Had In Boston By Speaking Out?


Oct 18, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat shooting guard Ray Allen (34) reacts during the first half against the Detroit Pistons at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It seems like every week, Ray Allen has another comment about the Celtics, Rajon Rondo, or the fact that he feels he wasn’t treated right by the organization. On that summer night in July when Allen officially signed with the Miami Heat, it was tough to watch him put on that uniform. I’ll respect his decision to go there, and I understand the rift between him and Rondo, but when he starts calling out the organization for not being loyal or treating him right, then the line has to be drawn.

You can tell me that the Celtics had looked at possible trades to send Allen elsewhere, but shouldn’t Rondo be feeling the same way since he was mentioned in the same trade rumors? When it comes to teams talking about trading assets, that’s merely the business side of the NBA. Needless to say, did the Celtics trade him? No. So where is the disloyalty? In fact, the Celtics offered him twice the amount he accepted with Miami.

During the season of 2006-2007, there were some legitimate rumors that Boston was going to trade Paul Pierce, and never once did he call Danny Ainge out on the lack of loyalty throughout that time frame. Just like they do with all their players, the Celtics held Ray Allen in high regard, and treated him very well in his five years here.

Since his departure from Boston, fans have had different opinions and interpretations of what happened between him and the team. I think a lot of people respected his decision at first, but with the never ending comments lately about how we as fans should boo the organization and not him, or how he was mistreated, it’s beginning to change how fans perceive him. I know for myself, he was my favorite player because of his work ethic, and he let his play do the talking. Never in his five years in Boston has he opened up like he has in the last 3 months, and maybe if he had a problem he should have addressed it to the team.

One reason I believe the Celtics aren’t at fault in this situation is because Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett haven’t defended Allen in any way, and actually they’ve cut all communication with him. If there was any disloyalty, Garnett and Pierce would have spoken out, especially since communication between the players, Danny Ainge, and the owners are very open and fluid.

About two days before the NBA draft, I happened to be at the Celtics practice facility. Ray Allen was walking by to get x-ray’s on his ankle. When he passed some employees of the organization who asked how he was doing, he didn’t respond and kept moving forward. From that moment on I knew that this was beyond a Rondo-Allen disagreement, and there was much more to the story, which was an indication to me that he wasn’t returning.

As Opening Night draws closer the Celtics haven’t mentioned Allen once, while Allen continues to put his two cents in. On January 27th, the Heat make their first regular season appearance in Boston, and what everyone can’t wait to find out is does he get booed or cheered? When former players who were traded or let go return to the Garden, a tribute is displayed on the jumbotron and is usually followed by a standing ovation. Allen would have gotten the same, but with the latest comments regarding the team, he may get neither.