​Where the Boston Celtics Players Rank in NBA Fantasy Basketball


Sep 28, 2012; Waltham, MA, USA; Boston Celtics small forward Paul Pierce (34) during media day at the Celtics training facility. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

NBA Fantasy basketball is just around the corner, so it seems like a good time to turn our attention to the Boston Celtics, and specifically which guys on the roster make viable fantasy picks.  For those of you who compete for fun (and some for money), you know how great it can be to have your favorite players or at least a couple guys from your favorite team on your roster.

Here’s a look at where the C’s guys are rated this year.
Paul Pierce:  O-rank 31, last year:  22

Even with Pierce getting up in age, he is still being taken near the end of the third round in fantasy leagues.  He finished 22nd last year, at age 34, so while Pierce may be declining, he is still very good.

Kevin Garnett:  O-rank 39, last year:  18

KG consistently outperforms his average draft position.  He shoots high percentages and doesn’t turn it over much, both contribute to him being an underrated fantasy force.  People stay away from old players so often that guys like Garnett can come at a bargain basement price in drafts.

Rajon Rondo:  O-rank 45, last year:  106 (missed 13 games)

Rondo’s value is mitigated by the fact he doesn’t hit his free throws.  He can single handedly lose free throws for you team.  In head-to-head formats, Rondo will go higher as people can punt a category week in and week out, but Rondo has to hit free throws before his fantasy value will ever get near elite levels.

Jason Terry:  O-rank 98, last year:  56

Jason Terry is still going to be occupying a similar role, and he seems like a slightly better value than a 98th pick usually yields.  Terry can still fill it up and the C’s will need his bench scoring.  I like Terry to finish ranked in the late 60s/early 70s.

Avery Bradley:  O-rank 106, last year:  239

Avery Bradley could be worth significantly more if he steps up his scoring.  His steals are already a nice contribution and if his minutes increase this year (not for certain with a loaded backcourt), Bradley could easily finish top 80.

Brandon Bass:  O-rank 132, last year:  112

Brandon Bass has a game that just isn’t all that conducive to fantasy basketball.  He doesn’t get a lot of steals or blocks, and that levels his value a lot lower than it would if he were a multi-cat contributor.  He also seldom gets assists and is not a high level rebounder for a power forward.  I usually steer clear of Bass in drafts.

Courtney Lee:  O-rank 137, last year: 96

Courtney Lee will provide a nice value until about December, and then will fall off when Bradley returns.  I think that makes him worth about what Y! defaults set him at, and he’ll likely finish around 120-130 ranks.  Lee hits threes though and get steals, so he’s not without some value.

Jared Sullinger:  O-rank 195

The rookie ranks on Y! are always pretty strange.  They don’t seem to be based on much of anything past the high ranking rookies, who usually are ranked too high.  The late first round guys are just heaped into ranks, usually pretty close together.  Sullinger obviously could perform as high as 150-160, but he is just a rookie and will take time to adjust to the NBA.  In general, I don’t draft many rookies.

Darko Milicic:  O-rank 329

Darko Milicic will be a source of blocks for those in deeper leagues.

Jeff Green:  O-rank 339

I have no idea why Jeff Green is ranked this low.  He’s going to post at least 170-180 value, and he is fully recovered.  This can only be a reaction to the fact that he didn’t play last year, because his statistical impact over his career renders him a mid-round selection.