If Not Kenyon Martin, Then Who?


Mar 24, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers forward Kenyon Martin (2) reacts after a call for offensive interference against the Memphis Grizzlies during the second quarter at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday, CSNNE writer A. Sherrod Blakely was answering fans’ questions. One question that was asked was what are the chances of the Celtics acquiring free agent Kenyon Martin. Blakely’s answer was that the Celtics weren’t in the position to sign him due to not having the cap space. With only a bi-annual exception worth $2 million, bringing in a player of Martin’s caliber would require more money.

There are rumors that the Knicks are also interested in signing him. The difference is, money and the players that would be surrounding him. Martin would be re-joining Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith who he played with in Denver. Jason Kidd was also a former teammate of Martin, and those two helped lead the New Jersey Nets to the NBA Finals in 2002 and 2003. I wouldn’t be surprised, and I also expect Kenyon Martin to find himself playing in New York this season.

If the Celtics can’t find a way to acquire him, what other options do they have? There aren’t any decent free agents left out there who could make a huge impact for the Celtics in the front court, so there is only one thing that they can do; wait it out. In the last five seasons, the Celtics have seemed to find aging veterans looking for a ring in the middle of the season. Why not go with that game plan again?

One thing I think a lot of Celtics fans forget is that even in 2008, they weren’t that deep at center. Behind Kendrick Perkins they had two undersized yet very talented players in Leon Powe and Glen Davis. Are we not in the same position this season, minus Kendrick Perkins? Late in games during that season and especially in the Finals, Kevin Garnett played center while James Posey played power forward.

P.J. Brown was also a big contributor. His performances didn’t show up in the stat sheet, but he was huge for the Celtics in the playoffs. He also was picked up in late February, which leads me to believe that the urgency to find another big man isn’t desperate just yet.

In the front court, the Celtics are much deeper than in years previous, and I do feel that our roster is getting overlooked somewhat. We have the pieces to make it work, all we need is one center who can rebound. In 2008 that was Kendrick Perkins. It’s definitely possible to win games throughout the season without outstanding rebounding, but when the playoffs come around it’s a completely different story.

Danny Ainge always seems to be in control. Just from the indications I’m getting, the roster is complete. There may be a surprise signing before the preseason, but I don’t see any acquisitions until February. I would definitely like to see the Celtics sign another center, but if this is what they’re going to work with, then we’ll just have to see how they fare. Personally, I think they’ll be fine, as long as they stay healthy. We may not be formidable on the front line, but we have multiple players who can step in when their name gets called upon.