Bulls Embarrass Celtics

We saw alot of this last night – Rondo watching as Rose blows by him.


In a game that was over before it even started, the Celtics appeared as though they needed a much longer break than the 3 days they are about to get. Everything by the C’s was being done in slow motion, while the Bulls were working at a fast pace. When Kirk Hinrich is blowing by you, not once, but twice for easy lay ups, something is going wrong. The way they Celtics were playing, they were lucky to only be playing the Bulls. If that were any other team they would have gotten it handed to them by about 40 points, and I don’t even see that as a stretch of the imagination.

If Boston being down 8, were the centerpoint for them to win, they would have been right in it the whole game. In the first quarter, the green got out to a very quick 11 point defecit. They got there by playing zero defense, and having nothing going on the offensive side. For a good stretch of the quarter, our offense was based upon Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins taking free throws- that won’t get us very far. From that point on the Celtics continued to want to cut it down to around 6, before letting the Bulls go on another 4 or 6 point run to push it back into double digits. They didn’t show the fire to cut all of the way into the lead, just something respectable, which is just as good as not cutting into it at all. When its all said and done its still a loss.

I really, really, really, want to make another excuse for the Celtics and this loss, but I can’t. I could go with the whole, we have injuries so we would have won that game if both KG and Sheed were playing. That may be the case for some games, but this was not one of them. The Bulls were running the floor, even the big men. As much as I despise Joakim Noah, he individually took this game over by beating the daylights out of Kendrick Perkins. He may have only had 15 points, but he coupled that with 11 boards, and most of all- hustle. Hustle is the word the Celtics had none of tonight. Noah ran the floor, and none of the Celtics bigs ran with him.

I don’t mind losing to the Hawks. I mean, obviously I mind, but they are a good team. When the Celtics can’t hold their own in a home game against the now 17-20 Bulls, I don’t think that is good enough. The C’s now have more losses at hom than they do on the road. Why? Well to be blatently honest, so far (not saying it can’t change) this year there hasn’t been much of a homecourt advantage which pains me to say. Lets just say no opposing players are walking into the Jungle, but instead maybe your local public library. Anyways, hopefully the Celtics can get something figured out to give me a little more hope when they play the Dallas Mavs at home on Monday night.

(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)