Celtics Drop Lester Hudson, Who’s In?

Today turned out to be a very interesting, and rather depressing day for Celtics guard Lester Hudson. Hudson began the day in Miami as he joined his (former) team, the Boston Celtics, in their morning shootaround. After having one of his better games in the green uniform on Saturday you might have that things were looking up for the second round pick out of University of Tennesee-Martin.

That did not prove to be true, as today it was reported that the Boston Celtics waived Hudson in an attempt to avoid his guaranteed contract for the rest of the season. The move also opens brings the Celtics roster down to fourteen and opens up a spot to possibly bring in another veteran presence.

ESPN”s Chris Forsberg reported the following after the move was made:

Rookie guard Lester Hudson was waived by the Celtics on Wednesday, one day before his contract would have become guaranteed.

Hudson was scheduled to make $457,588 this season, which would seem like minimal savings for a team on pace to spend $84.7 million. So the move may be more with an eye toward opening a roster spot than to save money.

The Celtics could sign Hudson to a non-guaranteed deal if he clears waivers.

This move really raises a lot of questions as to what the Celtics plan on doing with this recently opened roster spot. It is still a possibility that the C’s bring Hudson back to the team on a ten day non-guaranteed contract. After all, Hudson is one of only four players (both NBA and NCAA) to EVER log a quadruple-double. The kid has shown us a lot of bright spots but on a team were veterans steal the spotlight it will be tough for him to further his career at this point in time.

Another scenario that is very possible is the Celtics signing assistant coach, and former NBA guard, Tyronn Lue to a ten day contract. It has been believed since he signed on as a coach that there might be a possibility he gets some playing time in the green (or white) uniform. Lue has been with the team and should fully understand the system by now, the only question is whether or not he is physically (and mentally) able to return to playing in the NBA.

Now of course, as you would expect, there are always going to be those very extreme rumors. Names that have been thrown out so far are the likes of Carlos Arroyo and Rafer Alston. The Arroyo rumor is very unlikely now that the Heat did not place him on waiver before the 5pm deadline yesterday. The Alston rumor could still be in the air, as his supposed signing with the Heat has not been finalized. We all know what Rafer would bring to the team, he would be a great backup point guard for Rondo, but like many players has some attitude problems. If he wanted to stay in green he would have to adjust his attitude to the likings of Doc Rivers and company.

So far the team is not saying a lot about this situation, they plan to wait it out a few day and keep the roster spot open. After all, who wants to worry about all this contract mumbo jumbo after a very exciting win over the Miami Heat tonight?