April 24, 2012; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Jazz power forward Paul Millsap (24) attempts to block the shot of Phoenix Suns forward Markieff Morris (11) during the first quarter at Energy Solutions Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Proposed Trade Scenario With Phoenix Suns Involving Paul Pierce

Mar. 27, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns center (4) Marcin Gortat takes a shot under pressure from San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker at the US Airways Center. The Spurs defeated the Suns 107-100. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

After this season, the Celtics will likely begin to look towards a more focused rebuilding plan. With Garnett only under contract for this year and next, and Paul Pierce on the hook for two more seasons as well, the C’s could look in a new direction — and I believe the Suns could offer an attractive package.

The proposed trade I tinkered with on ESPN’s trade machine would send:

Paul Pierce and one or two first round picks to Phoenix

Phoenix gives up: former Bobcat Jared Dudley, Kansas product Markieff Morris, and Polish phenom Marcin Gortat.

The move would give Phoenix some young talent at power forward in Morris, a versatile swingman and role player in Dudley, and the heist of the trade: Gortat.

Gortat and Rajon Rondo would be a dynamic combination and Gortat is only 28, which means that he and Rondo could pair together for the duration of Gortat’s prime. Gortat needs a great point guard to play to the best of his potential (most big men do), and Rondo would fill the bill.

Gortat averaged 15.4 points per game and 10 rebounds per game playing alongside Nash. He’s also an above average defender and blocked 1.5 shots per game, which would help solidify the Boston interior defense. Along with Fab Melo, the duo could provide constant basket protection to the C’s.

Why would Phoenix do this trade? Simple: Pierce’s soon to be expiring deal would free up $18 million in cap space and the two first round picks would aid the rebuilding process. Two firsts may be too much, so maybe a first and a second rounder could be offered with Pierce in exchange for the trio.

The trade would keep Boston in contention while also obtaining some young talent for the future, most notably Morris, who is athletic and a good shooter, a more dynamic version of Phoenix’s Channing Frye. Morris showed the potential at Kansas to be a starting caliber NBA power forward.

The result would be a lineup that would look similar to this:

PG: Rajon Rondo
SG: Courtney Lee / Avery Bradley
SF: Jeff Green
PF: Markieff Morris / Jared Sullinger
C: Marcin Gortat

Why no Brandon Bass? Bass could be dealt for a first round pick and Morris and Sullinger are younger options with higher upside. Jason Terry will be close to retiring and doesn’t represent a long term option.

The trio of Rondo – Green – Gortat is hardly a true “Big Three,” but it’s the kind of lineup that could be deceptively competitive and keep the C’s running deep into the Playoffs for years to come.

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  • jimmy

    terrible trade for the suns. keep dreamin

  • KayGee

    Your just plain dumb & wasting people’s time with this cheap article! Boston ain’t LA they can’t make those 1 way trades

    • Anon

      You sure because I’m pretty certain that that’s how the C’s got back into title contention in the first place.

      • kris

        right, but ray Allan wasn’t anyone coming from the sonics.

  • Anon

    While this is definitely an interesting trade, I disagree with the premise that Rondo, Gortat, and Green would make the C’s a contender for years to come. Along with disregarding Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce the C’s would be giving up some valuable points from certain positions on the floor. They won’t be successful from midrange anymore as Green and Gortat will be no where near as consistent as Pierce and Garnett have been over the past few seasons. Also, for that core to be productive, Rondo would have to score somwhere between 18-22 ppg. I’m not sure if that’s plausible on a consistent basis as of right now.

  • Brandon

    The suns wouldn’t even do this in your dreams lmfao

  • Robert Vasquez

    horrible trade for the suns , espn network is “HOMER ” make Boston better at all costs , remember Boston , only Los Angeles can pull off blockbuster moves with nothing lost! phx4life

  • funny

    lol no way Phx would do that morris is turning to an all star and Jared Dudley is a fan fav in phx and to top it off gortat? You should retire writing NBA articles .

  • This trade is so bad for PHX

    You do know that this trade makes PHX the worst team in the league and the draft picks they get will probably be worth nothing. Basically, this trade means that PHX is gonna tank which is something they do NOT wanna do.

  • http://twitter.com/Mister_Marin Alex Marin

    You are retarded no way celtics are trading pierce , you have too much time on your hands

  • TD

    what a waste of my time

  • kris

    funny, i couldn’t agree more. Dudley just said the other day he wants to retire as a Sun. Gortat is way to valuable and Morris is the future of the franchise. After riding the locker room of Nash, Hill and Redd do you think they wanna get any older than O’Neil? The Suns are rebuilding remember, not regressing. keep your day job, hopefully this isn’t it

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shawn-Bronald/1514505936 Shawn Bronald

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

  • Better Writer Than You

    Wow man I’m typically a nice guy in terms of criticizing other writer’s work but this is an awful article. Let me ask you a few questions…
    - In what space alien world does Markieff Morris or Bradon Bass start over Kevin Garnett?
    - How does this trade make any sense for Phoenix in that they give up their most valuable assets for Pierce’s 32 Million dollar contract over the next two years?
    - Why would Boston do this since Pierce is probably one of the greatest Celtics ever?

    Dude seriously, do some research and write your articles based on an objective point of view because this trade is clearly one sided.

  • coachj

    I am just surprised you came up with reasons the teams would do this. I, for the life of me, couldn’t do that with a straight face…

    • coachj

      And you know what, I am not so sure that the Suns aren’t in a better position going forward as they are currently than the Celtics. Once Garnett and Pierce are done, you have a non-shooting point guard and NOBODY!

  • Really?

    This could be the dumbest proposed trade I have ever seen in my life. You sir are an idiot.