When Will It Ever Be Doc's Fault?

With the Celtics struggles as of late people have been pointing fingers at anyone and everyone associated with the Boston Celtics organization. That finger has been pointed at Kevin Garnett’s knee, Ray Allen’s decline, Rasheed Wallace’s horrible play, and Danny Ainge’s actions at the trade deadline, just to name a few. One person that has yet to really be called out is the man in charge of managing this team, Doc Rivers.

No he isn’t a manager, no he’s not a general manager, but he is the coach. His responsibility is to manage this team whether that be through practices, managing rotations, or giving certain assignments to his players on and off the court. I am not going to start bashing Doc now because I respect what he did to help raise banner 17, but let me just tell you that he will not be in consideration for NBA Coach of the Year this season.

Today there was some small controversy started over Twitter when ESPN’s Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, tweeted the following:

Via Bill Simmon’s Twitter Account:

 Here’s my question: How many more dumps can the Celtics take before someone blames the coach?

Of course as you would expect people came to Doc’s aid and supported him stating such things as: “Doc can’t play on the court”, “He helped us win in 2008″ and other similar things you would expect if someone constructively criticized the coach of the Boston Celtics.

All of these comments are true but they lack the sense of reality. This season there are two things that members of the media, fans, and bloggers have stated as clear problems; focus and chemistry. Okay now think about that for a minute… focus and chemistry. Maintaining focus and chemistry in the locker room are two things that the coach of a team should take responsibility for.

This season Doc has not taken responsibility for those two things, instead pointing the finger at his team and expecting them to change just by saying “ta-da”. I hate to tell you Doc but it just does not work that way, it’s time for you to be a coach and address some of these issues. If it’s chemistry, sit down with your team and settle these things QUICKLY. Or if it’s focus, address the team about this issue and if the players on the floor aren’t focused put someone else in.

Speaking of putting someone else in, have you seen Doc’s rotations as of late? More particularly, why does he continue to play Rasheed Wallace more than Kendrick Perkins? Is he that set on playing veterans that he has to play a guy that’s giving zero effort, over a guy that gives it his all and doesn’t crack a smile while on the court? Granted, all of this doesn’t account for twenty point blowout losses but it does account for a small portion of why this team is not performing at it’s higher potential.

Since Doc’s tenure in Boston, even during the 24 win season, I have supported him wholeheartedly. I have never road the “fire Doc” train and I still don’t plan to in the future. Like the rest of us Doc is human and he makes mistakes. At this time of the year, a year in which we are expected to raise banner 18, Doc needs to take some responsibility and help turn this team around.

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